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Keratin Fusion Extensions

Whether you’re hoping to achieve a dramatic transformation with Keratin Fusion Extensions or simply looking for the confidence-boost that comes with having fuller hair, my approach to extensions is tailored to address all your individual hair goals and concerns all while delivering the most natural-looking results.

Why Tony Odisho Fusion Extensions?

Tony Odisho Fusion Extensions, also known as K-Tip, is a unique strand-by-strand method ONLY applied by a certified Tony Odisho Artist.  Tony Odisho Fusion Extensions can be applied for length, thickness, fullness, or all three! Whether you just want to fill a gap in the hair or go for a full-on princess look, fusion extensions can achieve it.  This is your go-to strand by strand method that offers precision and customizability while ensuring the health of your scalp and maintaining the integrity of your biological hair. 

+ Keratin Fusion Extensions provides  volume, length or full voluminous coverage

+ Perfect alternative to add chemical free color or enhance your hair while growing out a shorter haircut

+ Enjoy up to 4 months of wear

+ No in salon maintenance required

+ This method is suitable for most hair types including: straight, wavy, thick, thinning or a combination

+ This method has a low-heat application (lower than your flatiron at just 200 degrees)

Keratin Fusion Sessions





Ideal for the woman who is looking to add volume and texture to her current natural length or slightly longer.  Enhance will add significant fullness while requiring the least

day-to-day maintenance.  This session is also a great option for chemical free color + to aid in the "grow out" process from a shorter haircut.



$555 - $1,110

Most popular option! Ideal for the woman whose hair is at least to her collarbone and would like to add length. This allows for both dramatic results and ease of day-to-day styling options.  Amplify is also the session needed for natural hair that is very thick or has short layers that require additional hair to achieve a natural looking result.

Please Note: The final price of your investment will vary depending on your hair's current state, your desired goal, natural texture and density, and how much hair is needed to achieve your hair goals which will be determined by Heather. *Prices above based on 18" extensions.  A consultation is required for all hair extension services. 

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