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Corporate Headshot and Photography Makeup 

In the corporate realm, your image is a reflection of your professionalism.  Heather specializes in makeup for corporate headshots, offering sophisticated, camera-ready looks. Her approach is to enhance your professional image, boosting your confidence and ensuring you make a lasting impression. Whether it's for LinkedIn, company websites, or professional portfolios, her makeup services are designed to help you stand out look your best

Why book a makeup artist for your shoot?

  • Unmatched Professional Expertise: Brings years of experience to each session, ensuring high-quality images that meet professional standards.

  • Tailored Experiences: Takes time to understand individual needs and preferences, providing a customized session that highlights your best features.

  • Comprehensive Grooming Services: Includes men's grooming and light hair styling to ensure you look polished and camera-ready, enhancing your overall appearance

  • Stress Free Approach:  I bring my professional services directly to you, offering the ultimate convenience by conducting on-location sessions for corporate headshots, photoshoots, and makeup applications. This ensures a stress-free experience, saving you time and fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule, all while providing top-notch makeup services wherever you are.

Preparing for a photoshoot or headshot session can be stressful, especially when trying to ensure everything looks perfect. By hiring a professional makeup artist, you can alleviate the stress related to your appearance. Having a professional efficiently handle your makeup and grooming, allows you to relax and focus on your shoot. This professional touch not only saves time but also enhances your confidence, knowing you look your absolute best.

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Makeup + Grooming Inquiries

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