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I know how nerve-wracking meeting a new stylist can be. I'm here to set your mind at ease and make

this shift a smooth transition.

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Check out my "Meet Heather" page to get to know me, my skills, my business, and how I can serve you.

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Review my service options and get a clear idea of what you will be investing in.



Book Your session!! Fill out my

"New Guest" form and book your services!

What To Expect

The Pre-Visit

I want you to feel 100% confident in choosing me to be your hairstylist. During my unique new guest experience, you'll learn more about me through my website and various social channels. You'll see all the service options I offer and know exactly what to expect with pricing. Before we start our hair journey together, I want to learn more about you, your hair history and your lifestyle. I want to be able to serve you above and beyond your needs. When you complete my new guest form, I will email you back within

12-24 hours with the best options for you and my soonest availability. Once your appointment is booked, you'll receive an email and text confirming your appointment. 

The Consultation

Communication is key. We will go over your current struggles and hair goals together. I will ask you various questions about your goal color, your ideal maintenance schedule, color upkeep and more.  I'll repeat our game plan and make sure we are 100% on the same page when it comes to your new color. While I get to work, you will be able to relax with one of my beverage and snack options, work on your laptop or chit chat with me about anything and everything. I strive to make sure your needs are met, and you are fully comfortable. 

Between Appointments

I won't leave you hanging after our first visit together. After your appointment, you'll receive my after care recommendations. We'll stay in touch over social media or email and you can feel free to reach out whenever you need. All my contact information and everything you need to know will be able to be found within my contact page.

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